Coach Prime, CU Buffs Answer


Coach Prime, CU Buffs Answer

Coach Prime, CU Buffs Answer Doubters in Upset of No. 17 TCU Coach Prime, CU Buffs answer doubters in upset of No.17 TCU.  In the world of college fo

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Coach Prime, CU Buffs Answer Doubters in Upset of No. 17 TCU

Coach Prime, CU Buffs answer doubters in upset of No.17 TCU.  In the world of college football, surprises are what keep fans on the edge of their seats. And on September 2, 2023, in Fort Worth, Texas, something truly remarkable happened. The Colorado Buffaloes, led by head coach Deion Sanders, sent shockwaves through the football community with a thrilling 45-42 upset of the 17th-ranked TCU Horned Frogs. It was a game that defied expectations and silenced doubters. Here, we delve into the remarkable journey of Coach Prime and his Buffaloes, who proved that they were a force to be reckoned with.

Coach Prime, CU Buffs

Coach Prime, CU Buffs

The Underdogs’ Triumph

Coach Prime, CU Buffs . Colorado entered the 2023 season with the odds stacked against them. Picked to finish 11th in the Pac-12, they faced an uphill battle as 20.5-point underdogs against the nationally ranked TCU. The Buffaloes’ roster included a staggering 87 newcomers, many of whom hailed from the FCS or junior college ranks. The question on everyone’s mind was whether this diverse group could come together and compete at the Power Five level.

Coach Prime’s Impact

Deion Sanders, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, had already made waves by turning around Jackson State before taking the helm at CU in December. His unapologetic confidence and unconventional approach drew attention and, in some cases, skepticism. However, Coach Prime had a clear message for the doubters: “I’ve got receipts. I’ve got all my receipts.” He made it clear that he was here to stay and would continue doing things his way, no matter how uncomfortable it made some people.

A Star is Born

Leading the Buffaloes to this remarkable upset was Coach Prime’s own son, junior quarterback Shedeur Sanders. Shedeur, who had previously excelled at Jackson State, made his Football Bowl Subdivision debut in style. He shattered CU records by throwing for 510 yards and four touchdown passes. Shedeur’s performance not only defied expectations but also showed that talent knows no division boundaries. “The hits still feel the same,” he remarked, undaunted by the transition from FCS to FBS.

A Record-Breaking Offense

CU’s offense, which had struggled in previous seasons, came alive in Fort Worth. The Buffs racked up an impressive 565 yards, recorded 30 first downs, and seemed to score at will in the second half. Shedeur Sanders wasn’t alone in his heroics; Dylan Edwards, in his collegiate debut, caught five passes for 135 yards and three touchdowns while also contributing on the ground.

Historic Milestones

The Buffaloes achieved historic milestones during this game. Travis Hunter, Jimmy Horn Jr., and Xavier Weaver each had over 100 receiving yards, marking the first time in CU history that the team had produced four 100-yard receivers in a single game. This feat was a testament to Coach Prime’s vision for the program and the newfound confidence within the team.

The Unwavering Belief

In the midst of the game’s twists and turns, the Buffaloes showed unwavering belief in themselves. They understood that the scoreboard was merely a reflection of their collective effort. Shedeur Sanders summed it up perfectly: “The scoreboard is just telling y’all that’s what’s going on, but you didn’t believe. Nobody believed that we were gonna do that.”

A Collective Effort

The victory was not just about the players on the field; it was a collective effort from the entire CU community. Coach Prime acknowledged the contributions of the training staff, equipment staff, strength and conditioning team, and all the staff that had joined the journey. It was a moment that fortified belief within the locker room and among Buff Nation.

Embracing the Future

As Coach Prime put it, “These young men in there right now, they believe. Not all of them believed before, but right now, they came up, one by one, twos by twos, ‘Coach, we believe.’ Now they believe. Now Boulder believes. People in the front office, people in the building, the fans, the students, now everybody wants to believe. I’m good with that. We got room.”

In conclusion, the Colorado Buffaloes’ upset of No. 17 TCU on that memorable day in September was more than just a football game; it was a testament to the power of belief, determination, and the willingness to challenge the status quo. Coach Prime and his Buffaloes have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of college football, proving that anything is possible when you have the talent, the belief, and the receipts to back it up.


  1. Was this victory a fluke, or can the Buffaloes sustain this level of performance?While this upset was unexpected, it showcased the Buffaloes’ potential. The future looks promising, but sustaining this level of performance will require consistency.
  2. What impact does Coach Prime’s leadership have on the team’s success?Coach Prime’s leadership style, confidence, and unconventional approach have undoubtedly motivated and inspired the team to achieve greatness.
  3. How did Shedeur Sanders adapt to the transition from the FCS to the FBS?Shedeur Sanders displayed remarkable adaptability and skill in his FBS debut, proving that talent transcends division boundaries.
  4. What does this victory mean for CU’s football program?This victory has not only silenced doubters but also instilled a renewed sense of belief and enthusiasm within the CU community, signaling a bright future for the program.
  5. What challenges lie ahead for the Buffaloes after this historic win?The Buffaloes will face challenges in maintaining their performance and dealing with increased expectations. However, this victory has shown that they are capable of overcoming adversity.